Ugly doggie

24 Apr

During Easter weekend I made this little chap here: it was supposed to be a terrier-like keyring but it turned out to be more like an aardvark!

the aardvark-terrier keyring

the aardvark-terrier keyring


at least, it works...

at least, it works…

Another ring

23 Apr

Here is another ring I made in the past days. I used some copper wire and what I think is a faceted hematite squared bead. But I’m not sure about this… I mean, I’m not sure whether it is an hematite stone or what….

Anyway, I think the result is nice but I still have to improve my skills….

copper ring

copper ring

copper ring

copper ring

copper ring

copper ring

16071 days

17 Apr
                                                                きのうの愛 それは涙
                                                            やがて かわき 消えるの
                                                           あしたの愛 それはルフラン
*さよならの夏 Sayonara no Natsu
(“Summer of Goodbye”, theme song of From Up on Poppy Hill) small


 16.071 days and counting…


The ring

14 Apr

I’ve been thinking on how to make a ring for a while now, and I finally decided to experiment. Here is the result. At the beginning it wasn’t ment to be for my pinky but after a couple of changes of mind, it became a bit small… ;-)


The ring

ring 1

The ring: out of focus detail

ring 2

the ring: out of focus or artsy detail… ;-)

Lovely doily

11 Apr

Here is a lovely doily I made recently. Actually I begun crocheting it few months ago, but then I came to a halt because I had a bit of a problem at deciphering the instructions…. after a while, with a clearer mind, I finally understood the enigma and here is the result….

BTW, thanks to Janette from The Green Dragonfly blog, for the tutorial that can be found here…. it was only due to my dumbness that it wasn’t completed earlier… :-)

doily 1

Spring doily

Bracelet or necklace

10 Apr

Here is a necklace that is long enough to be also used as a bracelet. The brass component is made by me. I used a black chain and a pearl to contrast the golden brass.

brass and pearl

brass and pearl

My necklace

9 Apr

I’m in a wire frenzy! Here is another necklace I made for myself, baring my name. The clasp is also made by me. :-)

wire fiore

say my name…

wire fiore detail



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