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It looks like black but it is blue

28 Sep

These are some of my earlier works. Despite the dark glass beads may seem to be black they are actually a very dark blue.

Blue and yellow beads

Dark blue and yellow bracelet and earings


26 Sep

Today I’m posting the photos of a project that I particularly like: this is my first crystal beads project. The bracelet is composed of a chain of white crystal beads and another string of the same beads. Unfortunately I didn’t have enough beads left for a pair of hearings.

I think it looks pretty cool on a suntanned skin…

Crystal beads


White Crystal beads look great on a suntanned skin.

Of stars and a heart

25 Sep

What can I do? I really like this macramè processing techinque! So here is my brand new green macramè bracelet with two rings and some charms in the shape of two glass stars of different colours and a little black heart.

Perhaps it has a hidden meaning, something that never came to my mind while making it… 2 different stars = 2 different souls / and 1 shared heart…. plus, in Italy we say that green is the colour of hope…. I wonder what I was thinking about when making it?!? 🙂 Yep, precisely…

Two stars and one heart


Two stars and one heart and… the evergreen of hope

Old beads new bracelet

24 Sep

I bought this bracelet somewhere during one of my trips at least some 10 years ago or even more, but I really can’t remember where… perhaps it was in Greece or in Spain… who knows? I really liked its hand-made white and blue beads.

Anyway, at some point, the rubber band within broke down and I lost a couple of beads, but as I saved the rest of them I tried to put them back together, using a string instead. Actually the result was very clumsy indeed… but then, as last month I found out how to make a a sliding closure, I decided to put it back together again…

So, here is my old bracelet brought back to its old splendour.

New life for the beads



21 Sep

Yesterday evening, as I was watching “The Listener” on TV with that lovely Canadian actor with an almost unpronounceable name, Craig Olejnik, I just felt that it has been quite a while that I didn’t make a new beads bracelet. So I came up with this bracelet with black, white and red glass beads of different shapes, and with a little ladybug charm.

We say that ladybugs bring good luck…. so perhaps I should add more!! 🙂

Red, black and white

The ladybug bracelet


18 Sep

The latest addition to my crafts portfolio: a shamballa bracelet. Obviously it’s the black one in the picture.

It really took me no time at all to make it and the result is pretty stunning, or at least this is what I’ve been told by some friends.

I could decide to re-make it because it didn’t come out exactly as I wished, and the cord is cheap enough (0.50 €/cent per meter). 😉

Shamballa bracelet

Chan Luu wannabe

5 Sep

Today I’m introducing my first attempt at a so called “Chan Luu” bracelet. Again I used some beads of my Granny’s old garnet necklace but because of that the process has been a bit tricky since the beads are quite old and the diameter of the holes are different from one another. That has been a pain in the neck. But anyway, here is the result. I’m not completely satisfied with it and sometime in the future I’ll probably redo it…

Anyway, the process itself is not too difficult but it definitely helps if you have similar beads. You can find many useful tutorials around the web – just Google “Chan Luu” – if you want to give it a try. 😉

Chan Luu 1st attempt

Chan Luu bracelet

Miss Doronjo’s earings

4 Sep

I made this pair of earings for my friend Paola’s 10 years old daughter, Marta, who is very much into skulls and such.

As I saw the little skulls I immediately thought they looked like something Miss Doronjo, from the Yattaman anime, would wear. 🙂


Miss Doronjo’s earings


Macramè attempt

3 Sep

I’ve been very active lately, making something new at least once a day. So here is my very first attempt at macramè bracelet. I made it following this very useful tutorial. It has been easier than I thought. I only found a bit difficult to finish the knots because the needle didn’t slip through the tight knots very easily.

Despite it doesn’t look as stylish as the ones in the tutorial I’m quite satisfied with the result.

Pink macramè bracelet

Pink macramè bracelet


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